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About Us

Our main focus is PHP, JavaScript and Ajax, but we also work with other related technologies that make up the web application stack (traditionally LAMP – however the number of tools that are used in modern PHP is far greater than just Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). We use a variety of PHP frameworks, depending on the project and have solid experience in Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Symfony2, PHPBB , and many popular PHP libraries. We also regularly deliver large-scale projects using other open source content management systems.

Technical Partnerships Built on Experience

As a company based on the principle of quality software engineering and sole purpose of customer satisfaction, we put great emphasis on the agility and value of our delivery.We rely heavily on our engineering and project management methodologies, tools and processes to help our clients achieve their business goals.

Below qualities help us outperform any of our competitors.

  • Best software development practices
  • Our solid experience
  • Insatiable urge to come true / exceed customer expectations
  • Service Leadership
  • Industry-leading engineering capabilities
  • Our specialisations in PHP and open source

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Suite 2.15,  Building T2A
Nirimba Education Precinct Warawara Circuit Quakers Hill NSW 2763

Ph: 02 9853 3249
Mobile: 0435374399

Technologies Which We Deal

Ionics, Ionics 2